Valheim: How To Chop Birch & Oak Trees And Get Fine Wood

Here's how to get Fine Wood in Valheim easily by chopping Birch & Oak Trees. This can be used to build Longship and craft weapons & items.

If you need a longship to awaken your inner Viking or just need some furniture to rest at your base, you will need Fine wood in Valheim as one of the basic ingredients to craft them. And to get Fine wood, you have to chop down both Birch and Oak trees. You need a Bronze Axe to cut down Birch and Oak trees. This is unlike Beech and Fir trees which can be chopped down with a stone axe and anything better. So let’s look at how to get Fine Wood in Valheim by chopping Birch trees and Oak trees.

How to Chop Birch & Oak Trees in Valheim
Bronze Axe To Chop Birch

You can chop down Birch trees and Oak trees to get Fine wood in Valheim. For that, you will need a Bronze axe. You will need 4 wood, 8 bronze, and 2 leather scraps to craft it in the Forge. This all can be done only if you have defeated the first boss Eikthyr and once you have unlocked mining.

Having a bronze axe is the most essential requirement to chop down Birch trees for Fine wood in Valheim. So let’s look at how to get a Bronze axe in Valheim first.

How to Get a Bronze Axe

  • Summon and kill Eikthyr to get guaranteed 3 Hard antlers.
  • Use Hard antlers to craft an Antler Pickaxe at the Workbench.
  • You can use a pickaxe for mining resources.
  • Got to Forge and craft bronze by combining 2 copper and 1 tin.
  • Use Forge to craft a bronze axe using 4 wood, 8 bronze, and 2 leather scraps.
  • Now you are a proud owner of the mighty Bronze Axe.

How to Get Fine Wood in Valheim

fine wood ValheimNow as you have the Bronze axe, you can use it to chop down Birch trees and Oak trees for Fine wood. Here’s how to do it:

  • If you are not in Meadows biome (starting spawn area), go to Meadows.
  • Look around and find trees with a white bark (Birch).
  • Equip Bronze axe and go towards these trees.
  • Use LMB to start chopping down Birch trees to get Fine Wood.

That’s everything about how to chop Birch trees in Valheim. Also for more tips & tricks check out our Valheim Guides. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.