Where To Get Leather Scraps In Valheim

Here's how to find Leather Scraps in Valheim.

Finding resources is one the main things in any survival game and Valheim is no different. While trying to craft certain items, you will need leather scraps and if you are not sure how to do that, here’s a guide on how to get Leather Scraps in Valheim. It is quite easy to do if you know which animals you can get it from.

Valheim Leather Scraps: How to Find and Get it?

how to kill boars and deer valheim
You can obtain Leather Scraps by killing Boars and Deer

You can get Leather Scraps as a drop from Boars and Deer when you hunt them down with your bow and arrows or other weapons. Boars are aggressive creatures but easier to take down if you compare with Deer who will escape at the slightest hint of your presence. But be prepared to be attacked by Boars if you are spotted near to them and make sure to dodge quickly. If your health gets drained, then here are the ways to heal yourself. The best choice is to go for ranged attacks and kill the animals from afar. But if you choose to go the melee way then you can attack thrice with an axe or even use your powerful fists for it.

You will find Boars in open grassy lands as well as the woods. While you are on the hunt, you may find more resources like wood as well as stone that you need for crafting purposes.

where to find leather scraps

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After you kill Boars, it is not guaranteed that they will drop Leather Scraps in Valheim. That’s why you need to increase your chances by killing more Boars. Further ahead, you can also tame Boars so that’s another thing you should know about.

How to Use Leather Scraps

You can craft Flint Knife and Flint Spear with this material and it’s a requirement for many other recipes.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Leather Scraps in Valheim. There are many more things you should know about the game like how to summon the first boss with this sacrifice (related to Deers), how to get a Pickaxe and repair items easily. Moreover, don’t forget to upgrade your Workbench and know how to play co-op with friends. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.