Valheim: How To Get Stone Easily

Here's how to find Stone in Valheim by exploring the world. Also know how to craft Stone Pickaxe & Axe which will help you in mining & wood cutting.

Stone in Valheim is one of the important materials you will need during your exploration because that is how you will craft the Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe. These tools are essential in the game so to make your search easier, here’s how to get Stone in Valheim.

How to Get Stone in Valheim?

You can find stones on the ground and you will also find chunks of stone when you explore the world. Plus, the Greydwarf can drop stones too. After you craft your pickaxe, you can harvest stone from bigger rocks.

The Greydwarf is a monster that is the adult Greyling. You may spot this creature either alone or in groups in the Black Forest. They can throw rocks at you so be prepared but also note that they fear fire.

With the help of stones in Valheim that you collect, you can craft Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe. Both of these are useful tools/weapons especially in the early game. The Stone Pickaxe is a basic Pickaxe that you can use to mine stone as well as ores such as Iron Ore. Easily break apart rocks with the help of Stone Pickaxe. The Stone Axe, on the other hand, can be used to cut down trees like Beech, Pine and Fir trees.

how to find stone valheim

Stone Crafting Recipes in Valheim

Here are the crafting recipes that use Stone in Valheim:

  • Stone Pickaxe: 3 Wood and 10 Stone.
  • Stone Axe: 5 Wood and 4 Stone.

For more Crafting Recipes that involve stone, head over to our Valheim Crafting Recipes list.

At time of writing, the Stone Pickaxe isn’t added to the game yet. But you can get a Pickaxe with 10 Wood and 1 Hard Antler which can be obtained by beating the first boss of the game. Here’s how to summon the first boss and beat Eikthyr, the ferocious deer.

Plus, you will also need a Workbench to craft tools and weapons. Here’s how to upgrade your workbench to level 4.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Stone in Valheim. This game is based on the Norse Mythology and Vikings, and exploring lands in search of resources forms the core of it. As you progress, the world becomes more and more challenging while you gather materials like iron, copper, tin and more. You will then use these items to craft weapons, tools and other items. If you need help with more things to do in the game and getting started with it, check out our Valheim guides:

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