How to Level Up Skills Quickly in Valheim

Want to know how to increase your Skill Level in Valheim? Here is how you can Level up your Skills faster.

Wish to know how to level up Skills in Valheim quickly? This guide will help. Valheim is a classic action role-playing simulator game. Its storyline and difficulty level has actually made it quite the hit among gamers in general. From crafting tools and items to killing mythical Nordic beasts, Valheim has it all. As the game progresses you even get a chance to improve your skills and to level up. This helps create an engaging environment for players as having higher skillsets means defeating larger enemies more easily. We have broken down this article into two main upgrades that you should definitely focus on and how to do them fast.

How to Level Up Skills in Valheim Fast

How to Level Up Skills in Valheim?

Players need no introduction to the fact that having a higher ranked skillset is beneficial in the game as it helps you to progress even more quickly. This will give you a better chance against the mythical beasts as they are pretty hard to defeat.

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How to quickly update running and jumping skills?

This is kind of straightforward to do as you just have to keep running and jumping around and not much else.

However, there is another option as well. Once you beat Eikthyr you receive a new skill boost called ‘Eikthyr’. What this does is that decreases your running and jumping stamina usage by a massive 60%. You can activate this skill and just keep jumping around when you’re doing nothing or planning upgrades. This boost lasts for around 5 minutes and takes 20 minutes to recharge again.

How to quickly update combat skills?

Combat skills can be increased by a huge margin quickly. To go about this, make sure you’re in multiplayer co-op mode. Go and search for your teammates or crew and choose the weapon you have to upgrade the most. Turn off PvP damage on the weapon and have at it. This is the fastest way to take your weapon to the max. This is a flawed method and might get fixed in a later update or so.

To upgrade your defensive skills, make sure you turn on PvP damage for yourself and equip your shield. Now have your friends remove their frustration on you.

This was all you had to know about how to quickly level up in Valheim. Read how to summon an elder boss or how to start building in Valheim. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.