How to build a Shelter in Valheim?

Getting started in Valheim and wondering how to build a shelter? Follow this guide to build your shelter in Valheim.

Valheim is new role-playing, action game. It is based on Nordic mythology and characters. Players have to fight mythical beasts of lore in order to secure the rite of passage to Valhalla. As such Valheim is not a friendly place with many beasts roaming the forests, waiting for a chance to strike and kill you. It, therefore, makes sense that you have your own place in this mythical land, and being a Viking, building a shelter is second nature to you. Follow these rules to build a shelter.

Why it is important to Build a Shelter in Valheim?

How to build a Shelter in Valheim?

Valheim is unlike any Nordic forest. This realm is filled with mystical beasts and mortal enemies of Odin himself. There are skeletons and weird-looking creatures that lurk the tall grasslands and hide in the shadows. There is nothing friendly about them at all, something you will get a taste of. In such a hostile environment it is a boon to have your own place where you can rest and protect yourself from the outside dangers.

This is where having your own shelter counts. It protects you from skeletons and other creatures in the game. Also, it provides a roof over your head allowing you to rest. Also, you will need to place your Workbench inside your house or build a shelter around it. A shelter also allows you to respawn over there when you die.

How to Build a Shelter in Valheim?

  • First, you need to craft a hammer.
  • A hammer is made with two stones and three pieces of wood.
  • Next, you will have to cut down trees to acquire wood.
  • You will require 20 pieces of wood to build a proper shelter complete with a bed and workbench.
  • Now open the Building menu.
  • Use Wood Walls to build the walls and Thatched Roof to build a roof.
  • Place them in the manner you want and build a house accordingly.


  • You will want to construct a bed as it allows you to respawn there if you die.
  • The bed acts as an impromptu save point.
  • Mythical Beasts can damage your house, so beware while fighting them.
  • The smaller creatures like skeletons can’t damage your shelter.
  • If you decide to have a fireplace, make sure to construct a chimney. The smoke buildup can affect your health otherwise.

This was all you had to know about how to build a shelter. Learn how to upgrade your workbench or how to skin a boar.  For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.