How To Teleport In Valheim With Portals (Fast Travel Guide)

Here's how to teleport in Valheim and move over long distances. Find out how it works and what you need to do using the Valheim Portals.

Wondering how to teleport in Valheim and save your time? This guide will help you out. By knowing the teleportation trick using Valheim Portals, you can easily cover long distances without wasting much time and effort on the massive map. Do remember that you won’t be able to teleport with all the items you gather – some items cannot be teleported. With that in mind, let’s begin.

Valheim: How to Teleport and Fast Travel?

You will have to collect 2 Surtling Cores, 20 Greydwarf Eyes and Fine Wood to make a Valheim Portal. Then you need to build it and ensure that the Workbench is in range. Next, build a second portal in another location. But the trick to fast travel is to define a tag for both with the exact same word because that is how you can link them. Once that is done, you can walk into the portal to teleport in Valheim.

How to Unlock Teleporting Ability

How it unfolds is that you have to beat the first boss (Eikthyr) which is when the Crow will inform you about the Black Forest. When you visit it, you will see some Dungeons where you can find Surtling Cores. Also remember that once you have unlocked Fine Wood, you will get the option to build Portals.

How to Connect and Use Valheim Portals?

how does teleport work valheim portal

After you place the portal, you have to interact with it and then set a tag for it. When two portals have the same tag, you will see that they are CONNECTED. Next, all you have to do is walk into the portal to fast travel, that is, teleport in Valheim.

Do note that you have to use the exact same word considering the case sensitivity as well as spacing. The game will deem the words differently if you do not follow this format. This could be the reason why your Valheim portal is not working.

Another thing to remember is that some areas will be out of bounds to create portals in. Troll caves and burial grounds are a couple of such areas. But apart from that, if you manage to create a good connection, you can easily travel through the map without wasting time doing it manually.

Valheim Teleport Guide

As we mentioned before, you cannot carry some of the resources when you are teleporting like Scrap Iron, Tin ore, Tin, Copper Ore, Bronze and Black Metal Scrap. So, Metals and Ores are the items you cannot teleport with, which means that you have to do it manually. To make things easier, you can also get a Cart to move your materials over long distances.

How to Build a Cart in Valheim

how to build cart valheim

To build a Valheim Cart, you need the following materials:

  • 10 Bronze Nails
  • 20 Wood

You can store the stuff you want to transport and luckily, it will let you carry way more than you would be able to before.

Most of the items will be available to be teleported and you will know if a certain material qualifies or not based on its menu description. If you try to teleport with any item that cannot be teleported, it will be lost from your inventory.

That’s everything on how to teleport in Valheim. We hope it gives you an idea about how Valheim portals work and how to use them to fast travel. There’s also a Valheim console command that gives you the option to teleport so check it out and more cheats in our article.

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