How To Create Unlimited Items Using Duplication Exploit Glitch In Valheim

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Valheim Duplication Exploit Glitch will help you duplicate your inventory items within minutes and saving you precious hours that you can instead use to train or level up your character instead of farming and crafting items. Almost everything in Valheim can be duplicated and if you’re wondering how to use this exploit, you will need to read it till the end of this guide.

How To Use Duplication Exploit Glitch In Valheim

To Use the duplication exploit glitch in Valheim, you will need to join your friend’s game in a multiplayer match, find a house that does not have other players, and place a couple of different empty chests inside all next to each other. Next, you will need to place all of the items that you wish to duplicate in all of the chests, and then find a way to crash the game. Using your task manager has been known to work but if you know other tricks, you can use those as well. Once the game has been crashed, you will need to go back into your friend’s place and you will see each chest having that each chest has the same number of items you stored before.

valheim duplication

This is a great way to double or even triple your inventory items in a couple of minutes, but the hardest part about this is that you will need to find a way to crash the game. You can use the task manager to try and crash the game, or you can stream it live with window mode on, to stream it.

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As long as the game can crash, you will be able to receive twice or even three times as much as you’ve stored depending on how many chests that you have.

That’s all there is to know about how to use the duplication exploit glitches in Valheim, the developers are already aware of this exploit and it might get removed in the next update, so make sure that you use this trick immediately.

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