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How To Build A Longship In Valheim

Here's how to craft and get a Longship in Valheim. Explore the world by sailing the high seas.

Longships played a critical role in the daily life of a Viking. And in Valheim which is based on the Viking lifestyle and Norse mythology, Longship is the best vessel you can get to explore the world. Even though you already have a Raft or Karve, you need to upgrade to Longship to take on the mighty sea creatures lurking in the depths of the ocean and go to other Biomes. Here’s how to make and get Longship in Valheim.

How to Get Longship in Valheim?

how to get longship valheim

Before you start building Longship you need to unlock the resources:

  • Ancient Bark: Can be collected by chopping Ancient Trees in the Swamp biome.
  • Deer Hide: Dropped when you hunt Deer. It can also be collected from chests in both Meadows and the Black Forest.
  • Fine Wood: Collect in Meadows by chopping Birch and Oak trees with a Bronze axe.
  • Iron Nails: Can be made in Forge and used in building ships and furniture.

Once you craft Iron Nails using Iron from ores using Smelter, you will unlock the Longship plan.

Valheim: How to Build a Longship?

Once you have unlocked Iron nails and received the plan for Longship, you need to collect the following amounts of materials:

Ingredients Amount
Ancient Bark 40
Deer Hide 10
Fine Wood 40
Iron Nails 100

Once you have the required items, you need to do the following:

  1. Build a workbench near the water where you are planning to place it.
  2. Equip Hammer from inventory.
  3. Go to Miscellaneous Tab.
  4. Select Longship.
  5. Place it in the water beside the workbench.

Now you are a proud owner of a Viking Longship in Valheim. Gather your friends or set out in the seas as a solo traveler.

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