How To Ride Lox In Valheim

Always walking can get boring while playing Valheim. Check out how to ride a Lox.

Traveling on foot can slow down your game’s progression. Thankfully, in Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update, you can ride a Lox. This was a much-needed feature that the players have been asking for a while now. Riding a Lox isn’t the only feature this new update has, you can also name your pets. Along with many cool features. But for this guide let’s check how to ride a Lox in Valheim.

How to Ride a Lox – Valheim

how to ride lox in valheim

To ride a Lox you will first need to tame one. And the next thing you will need for riding a lox is a Lox Saddle. You can Obtain a Lox Saddle by crafting it. Once you have both, just equip the Lox Saddle on your tamed Lox. Now, you can mount your Lox and ride it just like you would move your character. In case you don’t know how to tame a Lox or make a Lox Saddle, let’s take a look at the steps on how to do get them.

How to Tame a Lox and Craft a Lox Saddle

Lox is one of the strongest animals in Valheim. And being the strongest it is also one of the most difficult to tame. Nonetheless, you can still tame it. To tame a Lox you have to first sneak behind it. Next, throw some cloudberries or barley towards it. You will have to repeat this until you are able to tame a Lox. It will take some time and effort but eventually, you will tame a Lox and it will be worth it.

To craft a Lox Saddle you require these items 20 Linen thread, 15 Black metal, and 10 Leather Straps. You can use your workbench to craft the Lox Saddle.

Don’t forget to give a nickname to your Lox. While naming your Lox won’t have any benefit in boosting its stats. But it is nice to have a name for your ride. It could also help you remember your ride if you have tamed a lot of Loxes.

That sums up this guide on how to ride a Lox. If you are having trouble taming a lox check out our how to tame a lox guide and for more guides check how to name pets or how to craft a hot tub in Valheim.