Valheim: How To Name Pets And Change Pet Names

Tamed an animal and are wondering how to change the name of your new pet? This guide will help you.

Valheim brings a lot of features in its all-new Hearth and Home update. These features are not only fun but a lot of them are actually useful and something which players have been asking for a long time. One of such useful features is the addition of Obliterator. And other fun features include using Hot Tub. But for this guide let’s focus on naming your pets. So without further ado, let’s check how to change the name of your pet in Valheim.

How to Name Pets in Valheim

valheim change pet names

Changing your pet’s name is very easy all you have to do is press Left Shift + E. Once you do this you can give your pet whatever name you like. After giving the name you can see it on your pet.

Naming your pets gives them a more personal touch. You get a feeling of actually owning the pet. This is yet another feature that makes Valheim possibly one of the best survival games out there. While you can name your pet you can also ride your pet if it happens to be a Lox.

Some other Valheim Hearth and Home Update features

There are new building pieces which you can use as decoration for your homes or your hearths. These pieces include an iron cooking station, shingle roofs, decorations, beams, and the Viking Hot Tub. It also adds Obliterator which lets you destroy the unwanted items you carry around, which previous to this update you had to discard. The best part is when you destroy them not only do you free up your inventory space but also get coal in exchange.

That sums up this guide on how to name pets. If you like Valheim you will also enjoy our other guides like how to craft Obliterator and how to get Hot Tub in Valheim.

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