How To Craft Hot Tub In Valheim

Tired and feel like relaxing a bit in Valheim? A Hot Tub is what you need.

Valheim has brought a lot of new stuff in its Hearth and Home update. While many of the new things might feel very useful like the addition of the much-needed Obliterator. The game has added a lot of fun mechanics as well like naming your pets, sharing maps, and more. Hot Tub is one of these fun new additions. So in this guide let us check how to craft and get Hot Tub in Valheim and some of its uses.

How to Craft and Get Hot Tub in Valheim

how to craft and get hot tub in valheim

To craft a Hot Tub you will need the following ingredients:

  • 6 Tar: Tar can be found in Tar pits which can be found in the Plains. There are foes known as Growths in the Tar pits. These monsters do ranged attacks which slows down your player while poisoning them.
  • 8 Stone: You can find stone very easily throughout the game.
  • 10 Iron Ingots: Iron Ingots can be collected from crypts in the Swamp Biome.
  • 20 Wood: Just like Stone, wood can also be easily found almost anywhere in the game.

Place the Hot Tub in the range of the Workshop. Remember to have the back of the Hot Tub in sight to get a vent on it. The vent will help dissipate the smoke while using items in it.

Valheim Hot Tub Uses

Hot Tub can be used to increase the comfort level of your house. Anyone who rests in Hot Tub will also get Rested Buff for the rest of the night. A crucial piece of information to keep in mind is that you should place Hot Tub in an open area to let the smoke escape. If the smoke doesn’t escape it might damage your house and yourself.

That covers everything you need to know how to craft and get Hot Tub in Valheim. Since you like this game you should also check our guide on how to get obliterator in Valheim to get ahead of your friends.