Valheim: How To Make Troll Hide Armor (Troll Set)

In this guide, you will know how to get Troll hide and make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim.

Troll Hide armor in Valheim is designed to make your stealth levels go up. As the description says, it makes you more sneaky. This will be useful when you want to sneak up on an enemy to kill them or to approach an animal like a Lox to tame them. Find out how to make Troll Hide Armor (Troll set) for yourself in this guide.

How to Craft Troll Hide Armor in Valheim?

The Troll Set that is made from Troll hide has five parts. When you wear all of these items together, you will get the Sneaky effect that you desire. Here’s how to get all items in the Troll Set in Valheim:

  • Troll leather pants: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll leather tunic: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll leather helmet: 5 Troll hide and 3 Bone Fragments
  • Troll hide cape: 10 Troll hide and 10 Bone Fragments

As you can see, the Troll hide requirement increases as you go from the leather pants to the hide cape. This means that you have to kill many Trolls to make this happen and it’s quite tough to do so if you don’t know how to tackle them. When you are able to find and craft all of these using the Workbench and equip it, you will get +25% Sneak.

How to Craft Troll Hide Armor in Valheim
Troll Hide Armor in Valheim will give you more Stealth in the game.

How to Get Troll Hide

Simply put, you have to kill more Trolls to get Troll hide. But it won’t be easy especially if you are playing solo. With multiple players, taking down a Troll becomes much easier. Because one can focus on attacking while the other distracts.

If you have the right gear like an upgraded Crude bow, then you need to head to Troll Caves in the Black Forest or you may even find these giants wandering around aimlessly. But once they spot you they will follow you. If you are unlucky, they will even follow you to your house. But once you kill a Troll, you have a chance of getting Troll Hide, Troll Trophy and Coins. Here’s what you can use the Gold Coins for in Valheim.

That’s all about how to make Troll Hide Armor in Valheim and craft the Troll leather pants, tunic, helmet and hide cape. To know more about the other hidden dangers in the world and which resources you can find in a particular location, head over to our Valheim wiki.