Valheim: How To Beat A Troll

Beat Valheim Trolls using the strategies mentioned below.

There are multiple enemies you will encounter in this game and the Valheim Troll is one of them. It’s a giant creature that can be slightly tricky to beat. You will find Trolls wandering around the map or inside Troll Caves but in case he ends up following you to your wooden base, the Troll will destroy it. Now, if you are unable to beat the Troll, know that there are some tips, tricks and strategies you can use to take him down. Here’s a guide on how to defeat the Troll that you will find in the Black Forest and other areas.

How to Defeat Trolls in Valheim

beat valheim trolls

You can beat a Troll by using a ranged weapon while also continuously draining his health. This means you need a few players to fight and defeat the Troll easily but it is not impossible solo. With multiple players, you can have one person get his attention while the other showers arrows on the Troll.

Follow these strategies and tips to beat a Valheim Troll:

  • Maintain a distance from this enemy and keep jogging until you are more than 20 feet away.
  • Continue shooting arrows at the Troll and keep going further away from him as he comes closer.
  • In case you are caught too close to him, make sure to run and dodge his melee attacks.
  • Keep doing this until you drain all of his health and defeat the Troll in Valheim.
  • Don’t forget to use the Eikthyr power because you have to move around a lot in order to fight him.

You will obtain Troll Hide as a drop when you kill him and you only need a basic Crude Bow and simple arrows to make it happen.

Where to Find Valheim Trolls

Note that there are two types of Trolls in Valheim – the Forest Troll and the Mountain Troll. The Forest Troll boasts of green skin and this enemy will be found in, you guessed it, forests. The Mountain Troll has blue skin and you will find these enemies on Mountains. The difference between the two is that the Forest Troll will not follow the target for too long but the Mountain Troll will do it.

If you choose to head to Troll caves, remember that there are a lot of rewards available for you to grab like Amber, Coins, Mushrooms and more.

That’s everything on how to beat a Valheim Troll. There are more ferocious enemies in this game and you have to be prepared to fight each and every one of them. Check out our Valheim bosses list to know who they are and also how to beat The Elder, Moder and Bonemass bosses.

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