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Valheim: How To Craft A Bow And Arrows

Here's how to make a bow and craft basic arrows in Valheim.

Getting some bows and arrows in Valheim is essential because you will have to perform ranged attacks on enemies, bosses as well as kill birds for Feathers. You can craft a Crude Bow and a Finewood Bow in the game as of now in the early access version. Want to know how to do that? Here’s a guide on how to make a bow in Valheim and craft some arrows easily.

Valheim Bow: How to Make a Bow?

You can craft a Bow in Valheim using a Workbench. You can make a Crude bow which is the first bow that you can get in the game. It will help you hunt deer easily. You can also upgrade it to a Finewood Bow which will deal more damage to your enemies and hunting targets.

Valheim How To Make A Bow

Here are the Valheim Bow Crafting Recipes:

Crude bow

  • 10 Wood
  • 8 Leather Scraps

Note that you have to hunt down these specific animals to get Leather Scraps. And to obtain some wood, you have to chop down trees.

Finewood bow in Valheim

You will get Deer Hide as a drop from Deer but you can also get it from chests in the biomes of Meadows and Black Forest. It will be useful in a lot of items including Leather helmet, Longship and Bronze Spear. You can check out all Valheim Crafting recipes for tools, weapons, items and armor right here.

There’s a certain trick you can use to get Fine Wood fast and that’s to use a Troll that has a weapon with him. Get to a place where you have a lot of Finewood trees and make the Troll attack in your direction. But remember to dodge the attack and this will make him attack the tree instead. Keep doing this until you have a lot of Fine Wood and that’s how to farm Fine Wood in Valheim easily, especially in the early game section.

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How to Craft Arrows in Valheim

Once you have the Workbench, you can make Wood arrows with 8 Wood. Further ahead you will be able to craft Flint arrows, Frost arrows and Obsidian arrows as well.

Although you can use your fists to take down animals like boars in the early game, you will absolutely need Bows to level up your game further ahead. It will come in real handy to hunt and kill enemies. So, our recommendation is to not rely on the Crude bow and get the Finewood bow as quickly as possible.

That’s all about how to craft a Bow in Valheim and get some arrows. These weapons and tools are just the beginning – there’s a lot more you have to craft. Check out the Valheim guides below to speed up your process:

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