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Valheim: How To Get Feathers & Farm Them

Find out how to get Feathers in Valheim easily.

Feathers in Valheim are items that you will need to craft arrows. As you know, the world of Valheim is packed with dangerous creatures and bosses like the Eikthyr, Elder and more. You have to be prepared to use various ways to heal yourself while also mastering ranged and melee weapons to survive. In this guide, we will focus on this particular item that will help you with arrows. Here’s how to get Feathers in Valheim and farm this item easily.

How to Get Feathers in Valheim (Feather Farming)

valheim feathers

You can get Feathers by killing birds or obtaining it from chests located in the Black Forest and Meadows biomes. But the birds will fly off if you get too close so the best option is to use a Wood Arrow and Bow to kill them from afar. Pick a good time when they are resting at a location and hit ’em with the arrow from a distance. Try doing this near water sources like a beach where you can easily farm feathers in Valheim.

Here are the crafting recipes for a simple Bow and Wood Arrow in Valheim:

  • Bow: 6 Wood and 4 Hide
  • Wood Arrow: 2 Wood

Once you have the necessary resources, you can craft these weapons on the Workbench. You can now jump into the process of killing birds to get Feathers in Valheim.

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For more ways to get Feathers, you have to rely on chests that you encounter while exploring so don’t leave any chest unopened. You may also get Iron Scraps from Chests in Crypts.

Now, if you want to upgrade your arrows and move to Flinthead arrows, you need 1 Wood and 1 Flint. There’s a very specific location where you will find Flint in Valheim, so check it out in our linked guide.

That’s all you need to know about how to get feathers in Valheim and it is relatively easy to obtain. There are more items that are tougher to get but don’t worry, we’ve covered them in our Valheim guides to save your time.

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