Valheim Dungeons Guide: Where To Find Burial Chambers, Troll Caves & Sunken Crypts

Here's what you should look for to find Dungeons in Valheim like Troll Caves and Burial Chambers.

There are a lot of rewards and loot you can find in the different locations in this game and Dungeons like Troll Caves and Burial Chambers in Valheim are some of them. You will come across some tough enemies and loads of loot here. But where to find them? What should you be looking for during exploration? Here’s everything you need to know about the Valheim Dungeons location.

Where to Find Dungeons in Valheim?

Since the map of this game is procedurally generated, every player will have the Dungeons in a different place. So, although there is no specific Dungeon location we can point you towards, there is something you can look for while you are exploration the lands. Reddit user SharkBaitDLS has mentioned that the Skeletons present in the Black Forest biome appear to spawn on the surface if there is a Dungeon entrance or Stone tower nearby. So if you rule out the Stone tower and you encounter Skeletons, there must be a Dungeon nearby. These Skeletons are basically guarding the Dungeons so that’s how you can find Dungeons in Valheim.

The Dungeons are mostly present in the Black Forest biome so that’s where you can focus on. The game’s wiki mentions that they are also present in the Meadows biome so you can try searching there only if the Black Forest isn’t giving you your desired results.

Once you access these dungeons, you can get some Surtling Cores that will come in handy. They are an ingredient for crafting a Smelter, Charcoal Kiln, Portal and Ward.

Valheim Dungeons Location

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There are different types of dungeons in Valheim – they could be Burial Chambers, Troll Caves or Sunken Crypts. They look slightly different too but they all have a stone arch that gives you an entrance. But be prepared with some good gear because the enemies inside can be quite strong.

Troll Cave

As the name suggests, there could be a Troll inside or outside a Troll Cave. There could even be more than one! That’s why you should know the trick to beat Trolls in Valheim.

Burial Chambers

You will come across some Skeletons, Rancid Remains and Ghost as the hostile creatures in Burial Chambers. If you kill those creatures, you can loot some Amber, Bone Fragments, Surtling Cores, Coins and Yellow Mushroom.

Sunken Crypts

Sunken Crypts dungeon valheim

The Sunken Crypts can be found in the Swamp and you can unlock them with the Swamp Key. You will encounter Blob, Draugr Elite and Draugr enemies here and find lots of loot including Scrap Iron, Ancient Bark, Chain, Coins and more.

That’s everything on how to find dungeons in Valheim. If you need any more hidden Valheim tips and tricks, our wiki guide will help you out.