Valheim: How To Get Chain

Wondering how to get Chain in Valheim? Here's where to find this material.

The Chain is a vital part of Valheim once you defeat the second forsaken boss The Elder. It will be required to craft many weapons and upgrades. The Chain is also required to craft the best armor in the game, the Wolf armor. 4 Chains can be used to unlock and build Forge Bellows, considered an upgrade for the Forge. Chains are not easy to find in the world of Valheim. There are specific enemy types you need to kill to get Chains as drops and specific areas to find them. So today let’s look at where to find Chain in Valheim.

Where to Find Chain in Valheim?

how to get chain in valheim

Chain can be found in Sunken Crypts dungeon and as drops when you kill Wraiths. Both are found in the Swamps biome.

Chain From Sunken Crypts dungeon

Unlike the Burial Chambers dungeons found in Meadows and Black Forests, you can not just enter Sunken Crypts dungeon in Swamps. To enter Sunken Crypts, you will need Swamp Key. Swamp Key is an item, collectible as a drop when you defeat the second boss The Elder. Go through our boss fight guide to learn, how to summon and beat The Elder.

Once The Elder is defeated, he will drop Swamp Key and Elder Trophy. The Elder’s trophy can be mounted on his sacrificial stone to unlock the ability to chop trees faster than before. And the Swamp Key can be used to unlock Sunken Crypts in the same biome. You need to crawl the dungeon to kill every enemy and open all the chests you come across. The creatures and loot in Sunken Crypts do not respawn. You will be able to collect many resources including Chain and other items like Coins, Ancient Barks, Withered Bones, and more.

Chain From Wraith

Wraiths are creatures that hover in the air. In Swamps, they are found in uninhabited houses. They can be easily recognized as they are faceless, flying creatures, fully covered by a purple cloak. They are fast melee attacking units dealing high damage, so have good armor to face them and brush up your dodging skills. Once you have defeated them, they will drop Iron Chains.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Chain in Valheim. Note that Chain is a material required to craft Black Metal Tower shield and Black Metal is one of the most advanced materials in the game. Don’t forget to check out how to get Black Metal from Black Metal Scraps.

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