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How To Get Black Metal In Valheim

Black Metal is a high-level material that you can get in the early access version of the game. But how to make Black Metal In Valheim? Get all the information right here.

Black Metal in Valheim is a powerful and high-level material that will help you craft some of the best weapons in the early access version of the game. This is why most players who have progressed fairly ahead want to know – how to get Black Metal in Valheim? Well, first, you need Black Metal Scraps. Follow the steps in this guide to know what you should do.

Valheim Black Metal – How to Get

You have to make Black Metal in Valheim from Black Metal Scraps. To get the Scraps, you must kill Fuling, Fuling Shaman or even Fuling Berserkers. After obtaining the Scraps, use a Blast Furnace to smelt it into Black Metal bars.

how to get black metal scraps valheim

The Fuling mob will drop Black Metal Scraps so go ahead and farm them in the Plains biome. It is very easy to spot them because they aren’t that rare of an occurrence. The Shaman will drop a Fuling Totem as well, whereas you can get a Fuling Trophy from a Fuling.

How to Use Black Metal Scraps in Valheim

When you have obtained this material, you must craft Black Metal bars from it. You can do it by using a Blast Furnace which will smelt it. Of course, you need access to an Artisans Table to make that happen and that can be done after beating the fourth boss, Moder in the Mountain biome. So, build the Blast Furnace, get some fuel in along with Black Metal Scrap and voilà, you will have your Black Metal bar. Do remember that the Black Metal Scrap cannot be teleported.

black metal scrap farming
Unfortunately, you cannot teleport the scraps of this dark metal

Valheim Black Metal Weapons, Armor and Tools

You can craft a wide range of weapons, tools and other items which are the best in the game currently. Here’s the list of Black metal Weapons, armor and tools in Valheim:

  • Blackmetal Axe
  • Blackmetal Knife
  • Blackmetal Sword
  • Blackmetal Atgeir
  • Blackmetal Shield
  • Blackmetal Tower Shield

This will get you prepared to face even tougher enemies because you will be powerful Viking yourself! While you are here, check out our list of best weapons in Valheim and more Crafting recipes for other weapons you may have missed out. For more, check out our Valheim wiki.