How To Summon Yagluth In Valheim (Final Boss)

Here's how to summon Yagluth in Valheim by offering him Fuling Totems.

Yagluth in Valheim is the final boss that you will encounter in the Early Access version of the game. The game continues its tradition of having unique bosses by giving this enemy a top half of a Skeleton as the body. There’s something specific you should be doing to summon this boss and this guide will tell you what exactly you have to do.

Valheim: How to Summon Yagluth?

yagluth summon sacrifice
Offer five Fuling Totems at the Altar to summon Yagluth

You can summon Yagluth by collecting five Fuling Totems and placing them on offering bowls at the Yagluth’s sacrificial altar in the Plains biome.

Here’s how you find Yagluth location to summon him:

Go to Plains Biome to Summon Yagluth

The Plains biome is grassland with hills and few trees in it. It is filled with creatures like Fulings, Fuling Brutes, and Fuling Shamans.

Find and Attack Fuling Camps

Fulings are creatures with green bodies and pointy bat-like ears. They are relatively easy to take on if they are alone. But due to this disadvantage, the Fulings always try to stick together in groups and always encamp in Fuling Camps.

Kill Fuling Shamans and Collect Five Fuling Totems

Fuling Shamans can be found in Fuling Camps along with Fulings and Fuling Brutes. You need to try to take down the Fuling Shamans first in a camp fight as they can make other Fulings in their vicinity more powerful for some time. After killing these enemies, you will get Coins, Black Metal scraps, and Fuling Totems. Remember that you need to collect five Totems or you can completely avoid killing Fuling Shamans. Instead, you can explore the Plain biome to find five of them in forts and camps laying around.

Go to Yagluth’s Altar and Place The Fuling Totems

Once you have five Fuling Totems, look for the stone altar with a red glowing stone tablet on it in the same biome. This Mystical Altar is Yagluth’s summoning Altar. Note that the Sacrificial Altar will be surrounded by large stone pillars that look like hand claws. You will find five circular offering bowls on top of the altar where you will have to place the five Fuling Totems you have collected. Once you place the totems, push the red tablet for Yagluth to appear and then the boss battle will begin.

Now that you have summoned him, you have to be prepared to defeat Yagluth, the final boss. Don’t forget to check out our linked guide to know how to do that easily. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.