Valheim: How To Defeat Yagluth (Final Boss Guide)

Here's how to defeat the final boss, Yagluth, in Valheim.

Yagluth is the final boss in the early access version of Valheim. He is a giant skeleton with a missing the lower half of his skeleton body, wearing a crown made of the skeleton, purple glowing eyes, and crawls to you the moment he is summoned. He is the fifth boss you will face after you defeat Eikthyr, Elder, Bonemass, and Moder. Just like all other previous bosses you faced, you will have to do a sacrificial rite in order to summon Yagluth. So today let’s look at how to defeat Yagluth in Valheim.

Valheim: How To Beat Yagluth?

how to beat yagluth valheim final boss fight

After summoning Yagluth in the Plains biome, you can maintain a distance from him as he is really slow in crawling towards you. Use needle arrows and Iron bow from far, and if he is focused on your teammates, use melee attacks using Iron weapons to defeat Yagluth quickly.

You must avoid entering this boss battle if your weapons and items are not fully upgraded. Even though Yagluth is the final boss in the early access version of Valheim, he will be easy to kill (unlike Bonemass), once you know his style of attack.

Yagluth Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Let’s look at his attack patterns and also strategies to beat Yagluth in Valheim:

  • His fist will glow in blue before he bangs on the ground and deals area damage to all your teammates in the circle. You can avoid this by dodging out of the circular damage area, once you see the blue glow.
  • His fist will glow in red before he showers down at least five fireballs each time at you. Use your stamina bar to dodge again against these attacks or use stone pillars as cover.
  • Yagluth can also breathe fire like a dragon at you. This is preceded by an attack animation where he pulls his head back to initiate the attack. But as his movements and head-turning are so slow that you can use the same dodging tactics or if you are out of stamina, use your shield to block it.
  • Use Needle arrows and Iron bows for Ranged attacks. All your teammates can equip needle arrows.
  • Use Blunt weapons made of Iron like hammers, maces, and Iron Sledgehammer. Blunt damage is very effective against Yagluth. The best weapon we recommend is Frostner.
  • Frostner can be crafted with 10 Ancient Bark, 30 Silver, 5 Ymir flesh, and 5 Freeze Gland. The weapon description says “the dead fear silver. Remind them why“.
  • When Yagluth is focused on any of your teammates, use the opportunity to get behind the boss to land as many melee attacks as you can. This will deal a huge dame to him.
  • If you are playing solo, use ranged weapons for the boss from a distance. But also carry melee weapons if you have to handle attacking creatures like the Lox and Deathsquitos
  • Doing all these correctly along with health potions as required, and by learning his attack patterns, you will beat Yagluth relatively easier than Moder or Bonemass.

Reward for Defeating Yagluth

Once you defeat Yagluth, he will drop a Yagluth place holder item, a new material called “Yagluth thing“. The developers will add this material to the game later along its path of development. There is no need to feel disappointed in the lack of reward right now because you can go and pick the crown made of bones which will be the Yagluth trophy. Attach it to the Trophy hook on the sacrificial stone to get his forsaken ability. A damage modifier providing resistance against all elemental attacks from enemy creatures like fire attacks, frost attacks, and poison attacks.

This is all there is to know about how to summon and beat Yagluth. While you are here also read the guide about the best weapons in Valheim and also the best armor to pair these weapons with. For more tips & tricks on the game, check out more of our Valheim guides. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.