Valheim: How To Make Healing Potions

Here's how to create a health potion in Valheim and heal yourself much faster.

Valheim is filled with dangerous entities and knowing how to heal yourself after taking damage is crucial. There’s only so much the raspberries and cooked meat can help you which is why healing potions in Valheim come into the picture. These potions will help you regain health very quickly compared to the slow process of regenerating health using food. But there are quite a few steps you have to follow first. Here’s how to make health potions in Valheim.

How to Create Health Potions in Valheim

how to create healing potion valheim

The first thing that you need to make healing potions in Valheim is a Cauldron. The crafting recipe of the Cauldron needs 10 Tin. Here’s how to brew Mead in Valheim, this will give you additional information. Initially, you will know how to craft a Minor healing mead. Soon enough, you will have to kill leeches and get the bloodbag to make a Medium Health Potion. The leech will be found in the Swamp biome.

Follow these steps to make healing potions in Valheim:

  1. Walk up to the Cauldron placed on a fire and interact with it.
  2. Make the Mead base.
  3. Take the Mead base to the Fermenter and use it.
  4. Select the Potion you want to prepare using the materials required for it.
  5. After waiting some time, you will have your healing potion. This is how to craft health potions in Valheim.

There are various types of potions available in the game such as Poison resistance, Frost resistance and more. For healing purposes, you have to go for the Minor healing and Medium healing Mead bases.

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