Valheim Bosses List: How To Summon All Valheim Bosses

Here's the Valheim bosses list and what you need to do to summon them.

In Valheim, you have to collect resources to craft various weapons, tools and items but it’s not all about finding materials. Sometimes, you will come across terrifying creatures, enemies and of course, brutal bosses. Want to know what kind of bosses you will face in this Viking-themed survival game? Here’s the Valheim bosses list.

All Valheim Bosses & How to Summon them

Valheim is still in early access at the time of writing and as we are playing this massive game, we’re getting the chance to encounter newer bosses. Here are all the Valheim bosses that you can summon and beat:

  • Eikthyr
  • The Elder
  • Bonemass
  • Moder
  • Yagluth

Eikthyr – First Valheim Boss

valheim bosses first boss eikthyr

Eikthyr or Eikthyrnir is the first boss in Valheim that players can summon by sacrificing Deer trophies. It makes sense because this boss is a huge, aggressive Stag with electric antlers and chains around it. Here’s how to defeat Eikthyr in Valheim.

The Elder

valheim second boss the elder

The second boss of Valheim is The Elder who looks like a ferocious version of Groot from the Marvel Universe. You can summon him by burning three ancient seeds at the altar in the Black Forest. In the fire bowl at the altar, you will see a rune stone that says ‘Burn their Young’. The Elder also summons some Roots that can deal damage if you get too close. Check out how to beat The Elder in our boss fight guide.


valheim bonemass boss

To summon the Bonemass boss, you have to use 10 Wither Bones at the skull altar that is present in the swamp. This boss looks like slime but not the cute kind. Bonemass is very powerful and you will need Iron Maces to make it happen. Plus, you need Poison Resistance Mead as well. Check out how to defeat Bonemass in our guide.


valheim moder boss

The Moder boss is a Dragon-like enemy (Wyvern) and you can summon her with 3 Dragon Eggs and putting them in the altar in the Mountain biome. This big black dragon has white hair and black scales and she can fly and land whenever she wants. Interestingly, Moder translates to Mother. Here’s how to defeat the Moder boss in the game.


Another boss you can summon is Yagluth and he is a big skeleton with the upper half which makes for his entire body. You can summon this creature with five fuling totems. You need to put them in the altar in the Plains biome.

So these are all the known Valheim bosses and how to summon them all. We will be going more into detail about these bosses in separate guides so be sure to check them out. Meanwhile, head over to our Valheim guides to know more such secrets, tips and tricks. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.