How To Brew Mead In Valheim?

Looking to get a mead high in Valheim? Here’s how to brew mead in Valheim.

Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in this world. They are a characteristic feature of Nordic culture. Almost every Norse game has a link or somewhat of a hint about mead and Valheim doesn’t stray away from that trend. The drink in Valheim actually goes further as it allows you to brew mead in the game. The Mead in Valheim also boosts certain aspects of the character and is helpful while facing certain challenges as you progress in the game.

How to Brew Mead in Valheim?

Brewing any type of mead in Valheim requires three main things:

  • Honey
  • A Cauldron
  • A Fermenter

Mead Recipe Valhiem

All mead recipes, irrespective of their purpose require honey as one of their main ingredients. You can choose to farm honey from honeycombs in the wild but that is a lengthy process and there are chances of you dying by poison. If you can capture a queen bee from a beehive in the wild it will be even better as you can go to your shelter and craft your own beehive. Soon you will have all the honey you could ask for.

How to Make a Cauldron in Valheim

Next up is the Cauldron. You need to gather 10 Tin and melt them down in the Smelter into tin bars. Then move along to your Workbench where you can craft your very own Cauldron for that all-important medieval vibe. You will also require a Fermenter for which you will require Bronze. Once you have the required quantity of Bronze you can go and craft your own fermenter.

Go up to your Cauldron now and you will find a bunch of recipes that are ready for your consumption. You can even conjure up Potions with your brand new Cauldron. Now add some honey and whatever else is required for the recipe to create your mead base. Once your Mead base is ready you have to go and chuck it into the Fermenter where it has to spend a while before you have your own Nordic drink. You can go and hunt for some food to go with your mead as it takes quite some time to get ready. Once done, drink to your heart’s content.

This was all you had to know about how to make mead. Also, look at how to make bronze for your fermenter or how to tame a boar. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.