How To Brew Frost Resistance Mead Base

Want to fight frost enemies in the mountain biome but don't know how to create Frost Resistance Mead Base? Check it out right here

Frost resistance mead base when fermented will help you create frost resistance mead helping you get to the mountain biome and defeat enemies there. Frost enemies also tend to use their abilities and freeze you in place, using this mead will help you resist that and keep you fighting for long.

How To Create Frost Resistance Mead Base

To create the frost resistance mead base in Valheim you will need items like Honey, Thistle, Bloodbag, and Greydwarf eye. When added to the cauldron, all of these ingredients combined create a frost resistance mead that will help you resist frost attacks and venture out into the mountain biome.

Here’s what you need to create the frost resistance mead base:

  • Honey x 10
  • Thistle x 5
  • Bloodbag x 2
  • Greydwarf Eye x 1
how to make frost resistant mead base
Frost resistant mead base will help you to get to the mountain biome and face frost enemies.

Gather all of these items, you can get honey in from the Black Forest, if you want a detailed guide on how to get Honey in Valheim, you can check it out right here. You will require Thistle, Bloodbag can be acquired by finding and attacking Leeches in the Swamp Biome, you will need to hunt down a few of them before you get the required amount of blood bags, and finally, you will need to defeat a couple of Greydwarves to get the Greydrawf eye.

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Add all of this to a cauldron and soon you should get the Frost resistance mead base, this isn’t useful in the current state, and to make it useful, you will need to ferment it. If you do not know how to use a fermenter in Valheim, you can check out our guide on it right here.

Once fermented, you can take the frost-resistant mead to resist frost and frost enemies when venturing out in the mountain biome. This is all there is to know about how to make the frost-resistant mead base in Valheim.

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