How To Use Fermenter To Create Multiple Meads In Valheim

Want to know how to use a fermenter? Well you've come to the right place

Fermenter in Valheim is a device that you can use to brew mead that can bestow different buffs to you. These buffs certainly come in handy when you’re up against boss battles and need that extra bit of boost, make sure to check out how to use a fermenter right here.

How To Use Fermenter In Valheim

To use the fermenter in Valheim, you will need the cauldron and create a mead base with it, once you have the mead base, use any of the recipes you have to create different buffs by brewing them in the fermenter. All of the mead bases have different effects and will keep on giving you buffs whenever you need it.

how to use fermenter in Valheim

You require bronze and fine wood to unlock the recipe for the fermenter, this will come a bit later in the game when you explore places and areas outside your startling location as you can only get fine wood by chopping oak or birch trees in Valheim.

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Before you fill-up the fermenter with mead bases to ferment and prepare, you will also need a cauldron which can be crafted by using 10 tin pieces with your hammer. Having one to compliment your cauldron will help you with high-level bosses like The Elder, making things easier for you to defeat them.

Make sure that you try to get both this and the cauldron as soon as you can in Valheim, this will ease up the process of venturing out in the world for long, and taking on bosses becomes easy.

While you’re out exploring, relying only on food for your health and stamina can prove to be inefficient as they will end up being exhausted quickly.

This is all there is to know about how to use the fermenter in Valheim, while you’re here you should also check out all the crafting recipes that will give you an edge when you’re playing the game. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.