How To Use Gold Coins In Valheim?

Have you earned Coins in Valheim but don't know what are they used for? Check out this guide on how to use Coins.

You will get some Coins in Valheim as you keep playing and progressing in the game. Players will get it by killing some Trolls, by looting Dungeons and Chests. But what to do with Gold Coins? This question has come up in the minds of many players. To help you out, we’ve created this guide on how to use Coins and what you can buy with them.

Valheim Gold Coins – How to Use them?

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You can use coins to purchase items from a Merchant. Haldor is a traveling Trader that you can find in the Black Forest biome and you can buy a variety of stuff from him. When the Trader is near your location, you will see his location on the map and you can approach him. You can also sell any item to this Merchant. You can exchange Rubies, Amber, or even Amber Pearls for some Coins.

What to Buy with Coins?

There are quite a few things you can buy with Coins in Valheim. You can purchase the Megingjord which is a belt that gives you superhuman strength but that’s not all. You will also get increased Carry Weight when you equip this item and it costs 950 Coins.

Here are some more items you can buy with Coins in Valheim:

  • Dverger Circlet: 620 Coins
  • Ymir Flesh: 120 Coins
  • Fishing Rod: 350 Coins
  • 50 Fishing Bait: 10 Coins
  • Yule Hat: 100 Coins

Some of these will give you cosmetic changes while some will actually benefit you in your game. In case you have bought the Fishing Rod, here’s how to fish in Valheim. If you choose to buy the Dverger Circlet, you will get a light source that is portable and perpetual. And in case you are curious about Ymir Flesh, we’ve got a guide just for you. It can help you craft an Iron Sledgehammer which can be pretty useful.

So that’s what you can do with Coins in Valheim. Although buying and selling items is not the core of this game, you can still get your hands on some awesome stuff when you do that. While you are here, be sure to check our other Valheim guides to get more answers to your questions.

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