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How To Farm Greydwarf In Valheim

Wondering what to do to farm Greydwarves in Valheim? Well, look no further

Farming greydwarf in Valheim will ensure that you never run out of items like stones, wood, resin, and Gredwarf trophies. These items have further use and knowing how to get your hands on an endless supply will certainly give you the most enjoyment out of the game. If you want to know how to farm greydwarves in Valheim, read the rest of this guide.

How To Farm Greydwarf In Valheim

To farm Greydwarf in Valheim you will need to find a purple glowing nest like an object, this object keeps on spawning, and as you get closer, it will send waves of Greydwarves at you. Once you find it, just stand in its vicinity and slash down as many greydwarves as you like. The nest appears randomly in Valheim, so it might take you some time before you can find it.

how to farm greydwarf in valheim
greydwarves are a great source of stone, resin, and especially if you’re looking for a greydwarf eye

This can be one of the best ways to ensure that you’re always packed with items like stones, wood, resin, and Greydwarf Eyes. The trophies especially come in handy when you’re trying to create this phenomenon in the game.

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Sadly, however, there’s no way to guarantee the location of a greydwarf nest as all of the worlds are randomly generated. You will need to be aware of the sheer number of them as they will keep on spawning and not stop. You can use this weapon to mow down an entire bunch of them in an instant.

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