Valheim: How To Get Neck Tail

Here's how to get Neck Tail in Valheim and use it.

There are a wide variety of creatures in Valheim, some terrifying while some not so dangerous. The Neck is one such creature that is commonly available and not much of a threat to you. But from this enemy, you can easily get a drop that you can use for Poison Resistance and Food. Let’s find out how to get Neck Tail in Valheim and how to use it for your benefit.

Valheim Neck Tail – How to Get

how to get neck tail valheim

All you have to do to get Neck Tail in Valheim is kill the Necks. You will find these creatures near water in the biomes of Black Forest as well as Meadows. They have two drops – the Neck Trophy and the Neck Tail so when you kill it, you will see what you have got for yourself. Killing a Neck is super easy and doesn’t need any strategy for it – simply swing your weapon and it will be dead.

How to Use

Neck Tail cannot be eaten by your character when it is raw but you can cook it. Players need to use Neck Tail along with a Cooking Station which will give you Roasted or Grilled Neck Tail. You have to remember to cook it for the right amount of time though because overcooking it will burn it and turn it to Coal. But if you are in dire need of Coal at that time, you can intentionally go ahead and burn it. Here are more ways to get Coal in Valheim if you are curious to know.

The Neck Tail in Valheim has more uses – you can craft the Mead base: Poison Resistance with a Cauldron and you will need 1 Neck Tail, 10 Coal, 5 Thistle and 10 Honey for that. Plus, you must have a Fermenter to make it into the Poison Resistance Mead. You can find out the Fermentation time right here.

That’s basically everything you need to know about Necks and how to get Neck Tail in Valheim. This item was pretty easily achievable but there are more resources that are harder to obtain. Check out how to get them from our guides below: