Valheim Barley Guide: How To Get And Use

Here's how to find Barley in Valheim and how to use it for max stamina, health and more.

Barley in Valheim is something you can collect to use in various Food Crafting recipes. Plus, it can be used to tame a certain animal in the game as well. Players of this massively popular game are in the search for this resource but since there is so much to explore, it can take much longer if you don’t know where to look. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into how to get Barley in Valheim.

Where to Find Barley Location in Valheim?

You must head to the Plains biome which is where you will find Barley around Fuling camps. Fulings are goblin-like creatures that are hostile and quite dangerous in groups. Once you have collected Barley, you can turn it into Barley flour which can be used to craft multiple things like Blood Pudding, Bread, Fish Wraps and Lox Meat pie. Barley is also a requirement to tame a Lox and they are tough creatures to tame.

So, how do you convert Barley to Barley flour? You need the Windmill which can be made with the help of the Artisans Table. You need to have defeated the Moder boss for that so here’s how to summon and beat Moder if you haven’t done it already. Apart from that, you can use the Cultivator to plant and grow Barley easily.

where to find barley in valheim
Original image source: Ganlorth youtube channel

How to Use Barley

Here are the Food Crafting Recipes that use Barley in Valheim and all the other ingredients you need to craft them.

Blood Pudding

  • 2 Thistle
  • 2 Bloodbag
  • 4 Barley Flour

Lox Meat Pie

  • 2 Cloudberries
  • 2 Cooked Lox meat
  • 4 Barley flour

Fish Wraps


  • 10 Barley flour

Why are these important, you say? It’s because the best food combo for the max health is Blood Pudding and Lox Meat Pie as well as Serpent Stew. Moreover, Fish Wraps and Lox Meat Pie along with Serpent Stew also provide the best combo for max Stamina. That is not all, if you are looking for the best food combo for max healing regen, then you have to mix Honey with Fish Wraps, Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie or Serpent Stew. This makes Barley quite an important resource in the game.

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