Valheim: How To Defeat Sea Serpents And Farm Them

Sea Serpents are dangerous creatures. Here's how to defeat Sea Serpents and farm them.

A hidden secret that many new players don’t know is that Serpent Stew is the best food in the entire world of Valheim. Those who know this secret have already crafted a strong boat and started hunting, killing, and cooking sea Serpents. For all those players new to this, here’s how to defeat Sea Serpents in Valheim. Know the tips and tricks to kill and farm this creature as well.

What is the Valheim Sea Serpent and Where to Find it?

Sea Serpents are dangerous snake-like creatures that will attack your ship in Ocean biome. They spawn during the night, move very fast, and are very hostile to the players. You can kill them for their precious loots. They drop guaranteed Serpent Meat all the time, along with Serpent Scale and rare Serpent Trophy. Make sure not to kill them in a deep water ocean, as their loot will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Sea Serpent Valheim
You can find Sea Serpent in Ocean biome, especially during stormy nights.

What are the Serpent Loots?

Serpent Scales are considered very precious in the game, along with Serpent meat. The turquoise colored scales are used to craft Serpent scale shield. Even though you can’t parry using this shield, it is one of the most powerful shields in the game, blocking all 90% incoming damages from enemies and in exchange for -10% movement speed. Whereas an Iron tower shield has only Block Power of 75 but affects you with -20% movement speed.

The meat they drop can be used to convert to Cooked Serpent Meat by using a Cooking Station. Consuming this will increase your maximum health by 70 units and maximum stamina by 40 units, the buff lasts 2000 seconds. But we suggest you hold on to this meat to make a Stew with this. Serpent Stew needs Cooked Serpent Meat, Mushroom, and Honey. Compared to meat, this stew will give you 80 max health and 80 max stamina for 2400 seconds. Nothing in the entire game beats those stats. Due to this, you need to build yourself a Karve or Longship (no Rafts as they can be easily destroyed by Serpents) and start hunting & farming Serpents for their Serpent Meats and Serpent Scales.

How to Avoid Sea Monsters?

Serpents usually spawn at night and in cloudy conditions compared to a sunny day. If you ever meet one and you are in no position to fight it, then use the wind to your assistance. Open sails fully and go in the direction of the wind to the nearest landmass. Meanwhile, when the boat is sailing at full speed try arrowing the serpent. If you are lucky to bring its health down by a considerable amount then it will withdraw from attacking you.

How to Kill Sea Serpents in Valheim?

The best way to kill Serpent is not to hunt solo. Take at least one or two of your friends with you. Cause this method includes one player harpooning the Serpent and dragging it, while one player steers the boat and the other one is attacking the Serpent.

Kill Serpent Valheim
Build a Karve or Longship and avoid going solo to kill and farm Serpents.

But make sure not to kill the Serpent in the sea, you can drag it to shallow water or even to the land to beat it and collect the loot drops. Keeping all this in mind let’s look at how to hunt and kill serpents:

  • Build yourself a Karve or Longship, and venture into the Ocean biome.
  • Find the floating islands with resources and trees on them.
  • These islands are actually large ocean-dwelling creatures called Krakens.
  • Krakens are non-aggressive. You need to mine Abyssal Barnacle, from the backs of Kraken.
  • Once you mine their abyssal barnacles, they will sink deep into the ocean and swim away.
  • Make sure to be near your boat not to drown due to loss of stamina.
  • If you in an ocean biome you can always come back to the same spot to find your gear floating on the water.
  • Mining Abyssal barnacles will give you Chitin resources.
  • After mining Chitin goes to your Forge inland to craft Abyssal Razor & Abyssal Harpoon.
  • This Abyssal Harpoon is key to kill and farm Serpent.
  • Now bring your friends along with you before farming Serpents.
  • Once you find a sea serpent, harpoon it and drag it will your strong boat.
  • Once you start dragging it, you won’t be able to do any other activities. So your teammate needs to steer the boat.
  • Go to the nearest land, and pull the serpent to the land.
  • Here it will be vulnerable and you can kill it easily.
  • All the loot will be there for you to pick up. No, avoid the sea.
  • Repeat this process for farming the serpents efficiently.

That’s everything about how to kill and farm Serpents in Valheim. While you are here, check out how to get more resources easily via our Valheim Wiki.