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How To Get Thistle In Valheim

Want to get some Thistle in Valheim? Head to these locations on your map to find it.

Thistle in Valheim is one of the materials you will need to make stuff with the Cauldron to ensure your survival. It is a plant that will help you create Mead bases and more. To save your time, we will show you where to find Thistle in Valheim and how to get it easily.

How to Get Thistle in Valheim?

You will get Thistle, which is a blue plant that glows, in the Swamp biome and the Black Forest. Both of these areas are dark and filled with creatures and enemies so you have to be prepared. But as this plant has a light blue glow on it, you should have no problem spotting in the forest or swamp areas. Even during day time, Thistle is easy to find.

how to get Thistle in Valheim

Note that if you have found one Thistle, chances are that there will be more nearby so keep looking. Once you have obtained it, you will be able to make the Frost Resistance Mead and Poison Resistance Mead – both of which are crucial for your survival. It is also an ingredient to make Sausages which also needs Raw Meat, Entrails (which is a pile of Draugr guts) along with Thistle.

Now, while you are in the Swamp biome, don’t forget to collect some other important resources like Iron, Turnips, Leech bloodbags and Ancient Bark. Since the Swamp is a muddy and dark region, you will encounter Blobs, Draugr, Skeleton, Surtling, Wraith and more so be ready with the best weapons.

If you decide to venture into the Black Forest in search of Thistle in Valheim then you will come across Greydwarfs, some Trolls and Skeletons as enemies. Even though the Black Forest is a scary place, you will obtain a lot of valuable items from there like Core Wood, Tin Ore and Copper Ore, Raspberries, Mushroom and of course, Thistle. While exploring, don’t forget to check out the Troll caves and Burial Chambers.

That’s everything you need to know about Thistle in Valheim. We’ve got more resource guides for you that’ll tell you where to go to find them quickly.

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