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Valheim: How To Make Coal

Wondering how to get Coal in Valheim? Follow the ways mentioned in this guide.

Coal in Valheim is one of the resources you will need because it is fuel as well as a material of importance in this game. But how do you get Coal? Can you craft it or find it in the open world? We will answer all of these questions in this guide.

Valheim Coal: How to Get it?

How To Make Coal Valheim

You can get Coal as a drop from Surtlings or you can get it from chests that you open up while you are exploring. It can be crafted as well. You can use a Cooking station to get coal by letting the Raw meat or Neck Tail burn. When it overcooks and burns, you will see it turn into a black mass which is Coal. Moreover, you can utilize a Charcoal Kiln to make Coal from wood.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to get Coal in Valheim. From Surtlings, you will also get Surtling Cores which can be used in the crafting process of Smelter, Portal, Ward and Charcoal Kiln.

The Surtlings are fiery creatures that will throw some fireballs at you and deal damage over a period of time. You can find them in the Swamp biomes – look for Rune Stones and they might just be near them. If you come across fire geysers, these creatures might be near them as well. In order to be able to attack them easily, you have to lure them towards water.

In case you are not sure how to use the Cooking Station and cook raw meat in it, head over to our linked guide. Simply make sure to overcook the meat to get Coal.

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How to Use Coal

You can use Coal to build a Forge, which needs 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood and 6 Copper. Secondly, you can use Coal in the Smelting process of Copper, Tin, Iron and Silver. The Smelter can be built with 20 Stones and 5 Surtling Cores and of course, you need a Workbench nearby.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Coal in Valheim. You can make it via the Charcoal Kiln and Cooking Station or you can get it from Surtlings and Chests.

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