Valheim: How To Kill Deathsquitos

True to its name, Deathsquito is a Mosquito from hell. Here's how to kill it.

Enemies can be overpowered sometimes in Valheim, depending on your armor and weapons. One such creature is Deathsquito. If you are not well prepared by owning at least Silver armor then avoid their habitat – the Plains biome. They are fast, deal high damage, often blend in with their biome due to their bright orange body color. Keeping all this in mind, let’s look at how to kill a Deathsquito in Valheim.

How to Kill a Deathsquito in Valheim?

Even though they deal high damage, their health is very low. There are multiple ways you can kill them:

  • Use Silver armor and weapons while going into Plains biome.
  • You can spot them before they spot you, to shoot powerful arrows at them.
  • They make a buzzing sound while nearby, hence, be alert to this so they may not catch you by surprise.
  • Carry a good shield and armor to parry their attacks.
  • This will allow you to kill them instantly once they are stunned.
  • So you can use both melee and ranged weapons to kill them.
Deathsquito Valheim
Use bow and powerful arrows to kill Deathsquitos in one or two shots.

Even in high tier armor, Deathsquitos can still deal high damage to you. Make sure to dodge and parry as required if they are near you. By doing these steps correctly, you can kill them easily.

That’s everything you need to know about killing a Deathsquito in Valheim.

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