Valheim DLC Roadmap 2021: What To Expect From Future Updates?

Know about the Valheim DLC Roadmap - upcoming updates, new biome, expansions and more.

Valheim, the brutal exploration and survival game that everyone in the gaming world is talking about right now has sold more than a million copies in its launch week. This is why the huge player base of this popular game is curious to know the Valheim DLC Roadmap 2021. What are the upcoming updates, features, expansions and more? Get all the information right here.

Valheim DLC Roadmap 2021 – Future Updates & Plan

Valheim DLC

The developers Iron Gate AB has released the Valheim DLC Roadmap 2021 which includes a lot of interesting features and content.

  • Update 1: Hearth and Home
  • Update 2: Cult of the Wolf
  • Update 3: Ships and the Sea
  • Update 4: Mistlands (New Biome)

Updates will also include:

  • Multiplayer Interactions
  • Combat Improvements
  • Moon Phases
  • Tar Pits
  • Vendor Invetory Expansion
  • Svartalfr Brigands
  • More Unique Locations
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Munin

valheim next update upcoming expansions

This is all the information that is known right now about Valheim DLC Roadmap and plans, new updates and upcoming expansions. Players are most excited about seeing a new Biome being added to the game. What secrets will be unveiled in the Mistlands and what kind of creatures will it have? We will keep you updated on Gamer Tweak!

About the rest of the updates and how it will affect the gameplay, we will have to wait and watch. The titles do give us an idea about it – Hearth and Home will focus on your shelter and its customization whereas Ships and the Sea will add more details to ships, sailing and possibly swimming.

Plus, there are no specific dates provided for these updates but rest assured that all of it will be on your PC in 2021 if Odin wills it. Seeing the popularity the game has achieved, we’re sure the developers will try to push content out as soon as possible. Players are hooked to this game which is why they have already reached the late game section of the early access version of Valheim. We cannot wait to see how the game eventually turns out to be in the launched game.

If you have just stepped into the world of Valheim, we have loads of guides that will help you with the progression and getting started with the right gear. Head over to our Valheim wiki for all the crucial info you don’t want to miss out on.