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How To Get Flametal Ore In Valheim

Here's how to get Flametal Ore in Valheim.

Flametal Ore in Valheim is a resource that you will need but where is it located? If you are wondering where to find Flametal Ore and how to get it, this guide will help you out. Its description in the game says that it is warm to the touch with glowing veins of strange metal. From its description, it sounds like it will be found in a fiery area and that’s absolutely true. It’s a later-game material which can be pretty tough to obtain if you don’t have the necessary gear. Keep reading to know more about it.

Where to Find Flametal Ore Location in Valheim?

You will get Flametal Ore in the Ashlands biome which is where you will find lots of Surtlings, especially near Glowing Rocks. These are the Glowing Metal piles that you have to mine in order to get Flametal Ore in Valheim. Specifically, you need an Iron Pickaxe to mine it and of course, you cannot teleport with this ore. Apparently, you can also turn the Ores into Flametal Ingots when you use a Blast Furnace with it but we will know for sure in the upcoming updates.

The Ashlands biome is currently being developed, so many things may change in the future since the game is in early access right now. But in this ashy and barren location, you can get lots of Surtling Cores, Coal as well as Surtling trophies from the creatures roaming about.

mine glowing metal piles rock valheim ashlands

Wondering if you can get Flametal Ores anywhere else apart from this biome? We haven’t discovered it as of now but as the game gets updates, more information will be revealed. This may be the only location you get these Ores or this may not be the only one. Players who have reached this level in the game are trying to learn more about this biome but this is all that is known right now.

valheim ashlands biome
Ashlands biome on the map

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