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How To Find The Kraken In Valheim

Struggling to find the Kraken in Valheim? Check out here to know where to find it

Kraken in Valheim is a legendary sea monster that has been living on for centuries and is a part of the lore. The Kraken can be found in Valheim but finding it can be a bit difficult for those who do not know where to look exactly. If you want to know where and how to find Kraken in Valehimn, read the rest of this guide.

How To Find The Kraken In Valheim

To find the Kraken in Valheim, you will need a small little boat and venture out into the sea. If you see an island floating in the middle of the ocean with trees, rocks, and abyssal barnacles you’ve found the Kraken. It does nothing except float around with the waves. Make sure to climb on the Kraken and farm all the Abyssal barnacles which is a good source of chitin. You will be able to craft a lot of items with.

where to find kraken in Valheim
Kraken is a mythical creature that you can find in Valheim

It’s completely possible to find the Kraken without needing any boat or raft. All you have to do is keep an eye out on the waters, and look for a small island that just floats randomly and not along the waves of the water. As of right now, we’ve only found the Kraken once and it does absolutely nothing.

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After mining the barnacles off the Kraken, it will go back into the waters and will disappear for a while until you find it again. There’s no exact spawn point for the Kranken in Valheim, it just randomly pops up out of nowhere in the game.

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