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How To Easily Transfer Items Between Worlds In Valheim

Wondering about how to transfer items between worlds? Check it out right here

transferring items between worlds in Valheim can be a pain and a real effort as you can only take a handful of things, luckily we’ve found a way that makes the process a tiny bit easier and you can even take and store a lot of things with it. If you want to know how to transfer items between worlds in Valheim, read this guide.

How To Transfer Items Between Worlds In Valheim

Valheim is a vast game with many biomes and you will need to explore everything before you get to have a verdict on the game. While you can only carry items that are in your inventory, to transfer items between worlds in Valheim make sure to carry things that are absolutely necessary. When you get to the other world, create a home or a hut for yourself, once done keep the items there, and then repeat the process.

how to transfer items between worlds in valheim
If you transfer items between worlds Valheim you won’t have to go back and forth every time

While this can be a tiresome activity, this is the only one that works in the game. If you think you do not have enough space to store all the items from one world to another, you can check out our guide on how to stack chests in Valheim. This will immediately increase your storage space and there will be more room for other things.

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Each world is significantly different and offers a bunch of variety, there’s the swamp, mountain, meadows, and more. Make sure to visit each world or biome as they’re called in the game and you can easily take all of your things with you over there.

As it was true for Vikings, voyages were part of their lives and so should be yours when you’re playing Valheim, but be sure to check out the best weapons that you can craft in Valheim so that you’re never caught off guard and always have something sharp and good to mow down your opponents.

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