Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide: Get Tips, Cheats, Secrets & More

Here's the updated Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide where you will find useful tips, tricks, cheats, Spelunky 2 secrets, mods etc.

Spelunky 2 is the sequel of a 2D platformer game (Spelunky) where the protagonist Ana is a master explorer. Her mission? To find her missing parents. She faces enemies in procedurally generated environments and uses various items to protect herself and move forward in her adventure. This is one of the most well-known roguelike games and it is packed with a lot of hidden secrets. In this Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide, we have listed various tips, tricks, cheats and secrets that you can use to advance in the game smoothly!

Spelunky 2 Wiki Guide – Secrets, Tips and More

Head over to the links in our Spelunky 2 wiki guide to know all the information you need to survive and do well in this game.

  1. How long does it take to Beat: Find out how much time you need to invest in this game.
  2. How many Levels are there: Know the details of your adventure!
  3. How to quickly Disable Auto Run: This is how you can do it easily.
  4. Spelunky 2 Shortcuts: Find out how to unlock them all and save time and effort.
  5. How to Ride a Turkey: Learn how to ride them, they can be very beneficial.
  6. How to Heal Fast and Get More Heals: Tips to restore health to 100%. Plus, get a secret to unlock extra health too!
  7. How to Escape from the Ghost: The Ghost has a deadly one touch kill ability. So, how to escape it? Know all about it here.
  8. How to Save the Dog: Rescue dogs (your little companions) with the help of these tips.
  9. How to Use the Golden Key: If you find a Gold key, this is where you can use it to get a secret reward!
  10. How to Throw Items and Objects: Follow this simple guide to know how to do this.
  11. How to use Bombs: Best way to utilize bombs in Spelunky 2.
  12. How to Use Rope: If you don’t know how to use ropes, things can get difficult for you. So, here’s what you need to know.
  13. Spelunky 2 Beginners Guide: Know how to tackle tough challenges through this guide.
  14. Spelunky 2 Cheat Codes: Are there any? Find out in this guide.
  15. Where to find the Black Market: Follow this handy trick to get to it.
  16. How to Kill the Shopkeeper: Get all his weapons like this.
  17. Where to Find items and what are their uses? Find out here.
  18. How to Unlock Characters: Unlock them and add to your roster!
  19. Cure Poison Like This: Find out the cure to getting poisoned.
  20. Unlock the Kapala: Here’s how to do it and learn what it does.
  21. How to Defeat Olmec: Tips and strategies to win.
  22. Get Axolotl in Spelunky 2: Find out the way to get Axolotl!
  23. How to Change Pet: Choose a different companion.
  24. Find Vampire Castle: Discover it in this way!
  25. How To Use Kali’s Sacrificial Altars: How to sacrifice things and get returns.
  26. Make Money Fast: Earn money (an all-important resource) quickly.
  27. How to Cure Curse in Spelunky 2: Can you do it? If yes, how?

Spelunky 2 Multiplayer Guide

  1. How to Play Multiplayer with Friends: Invite friends and play local and online multiplayer with them.
  2. How to Revive Friends in Multiplayer: Bring your friends back to life with this trick.

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