Spelunky 2: How To Use Bombs (Best Way)

Use bombs wisely in Spelunky 2.

There are two most useful items that are required to complete different levels in Spelunky 2. These two items are ropes and bombs. Among these two, bombs are pretty hard to handle and execute. There are a few different ways that you can use to make bombs detonate and harm your enemies or make passages in the caves. In this guide, you will find all the answers about how to use bombs in Spelunky 2 and how to get more bombs.

How to Use Bombs in Spelunky 2

You can cook bombs in Spelunky 2 and then throw them in a direction where you want them to explode. All you need to do is press circle, this will use the bomb from the inventory. The bomb will be thrown in the direction you are facing. If you want to throw the bomb, you will have to cook it. While cooking a bomb is displayed at your foot and then you can pick it and throw in whatever direction you want by holding the left analog stick in that direction.

One thing to note while using bombs in Spelunky 2 is that they run a timer, which is around 2.4 seconds, before exploding. Hence, while cooking a bomb, you need to time your bomb perfectly so that it explodes at the exact or close to the exact location.

You can also upgrade your bombs by adding a sticky paste to it. The paste can be bought from the shop or earned by defeating spiders. The sticky paste can hold a bomb against a wall of the cave to increase the accuracy of the explosion. Another way to upgrade bombs in Spelunky 2 is by increasing the explosion radius. You need Power Pack that can be bought from any merchant in the game to increase the radius.

How to Get More Bombs in Spelunky 2

At the beginning of the game, you are given only four bombs. However, they are not enough to complete the game levels. You can get more bombs in Spelunky 2 at the corners of the caves. So you should keep a keen eye towards any bombs scattered throughout the level if you want to beat Spelunky 2.

Now you know how to use bombs in Spelunky 2 and how to get more bombs. Using the bombs at the right time will help easily complete all the levels in Spelunky 2.