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Spelunky 2: How Many Levels Are There

Know about all the levels in Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2 is here and fans are excitedly trying to complete the game and get all the experience that the Mossmouth and BlitWorks developed game has to offer. However, what is holding back the players from reaching the very end is the challenging game style of Spelunky 2. There is no auto-save mode in Spelunky 2 except when the entire level is completed. Therefore if a player dies in the middle, he or she has to begin from the very beginning.


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This challenging game style is what makes everyone curious about how many levels are out there in Spelunky 2. To end your curiosity and answer your question, this post will list down all the levels in Spelunky 2.

How Many Levels in Spelunky 2

To put it simply, there are a total of 6 levels in Spelunky 2. However, some of the levels have two different versions and some others even have sub-worlds that can be accessed through in-game doors and passages. Here’s a list of all the levels along with their sub-worlds.

1. Dwelling: The last part of the first level, i.e., 1-4 shows two different doors to choose from.
2a. Jungle & Black Market: The left door in 1-4 gives access to the Jungle level and the Black Market.
2b. Volcana & Vlad’s Lair: The right door in 1-4 gives access to the Volcana level, which can further give access to the Vlad’s Lair.
3. Olmec’s Lair: This level again provides two doors to choose from.
4a. Tide Pool: Players who take the top door in level 3-1 comes to this level.
4b. Temple of Anubis & City of Gold: Players who take the bottom door are sent to the Temple of Anubis.
5. Ice Cave
6. Neo Babylon & Tiamat’s Throne

These are the six levels in Spelunky 2. Looking at the game style of sending players to different levels and worlds based on the doors they choose, it can be said that there might be a few more levels in the game that can be accessed through some secret doors. Looking at the different levels in Spelunky, it is surely going to take long to beat the entire game. However, learning a few tips and tricks such as how to heal and escaping from the ghost can help you traverse through different levels in Spelunky 2 quickly.