How To Escape From The Ghost In Spelunky 2

If you want to know how to get away from the Ghost in Spelunky 2, here's how to do it. Also find out if you can kill the Ghost too.

The Ghost is an enemy that can kill you instantly and they have 999 HP making them tough (very tough) to kill. Is escaping the better option? Definitely. But how do you do that? Is there a way to get rid of the Ghost in Spelunky 2? Find out here.

How to Get Away from the Ghost in Spelunky 2

The Ghost in Spelunky 2 will appear if you do one of two things. Breaking the Ghost Jar which has a jewel inside it is one reason. The other reason is, well, taking too long on a certain level. It’s a mechanic to pressurize you into taking a fast decision because if you get caught in the clutches of the Ghost, things will not go too well for you.

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Can you Kill the Ghost?


You can but it is extremely difficult because Ghosts are immune to most types of damage. Trust me, it is not recommended and you will waste your precious time trying to do it. Since the main goal of this enemy is to force you to take quick decisions, it won’t take you into a boss battle. And even if they did, it would be the shortest boss battle ever because of their one hit kill power. So, you can’t really get rid of them but you can run away from them.

How to Run from Ghosts

The Ghosts will chase you which will ensure that you move to the next area. Hence, what you should do is know where exactly you need to go. When you see a Ghost, run towards the exit as soon as you can to avoid them. It’s just a way to remind yourself to ‘abort mission!!!’, you know? So, make your way towards the exit and you’ll be all set.

That is everything you need to know about how to escape from the Ghost in Spelunky 2. Curious to know more things about this awesome sequel? Read our guides on how to heal fast, ride a turkey, disable auto run and how to play multiplayer with friends.