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Spelunky 2 Shortcuts Requirements: How To Unlock Shortcuts

Here's how to open shortcuts in Spelunky 2 and what are the shortcut requirements to unlock them.

This roguelike platformer game gets a sequel which aims to please old as well as new players. In Spelunky 2, you have to have great exploration skills as you navigate the dense world. You will see new areas, monsters, items and lots more. Apart from this, there’s a lot that has changed. If you have played Spelunky, you know that Spelunky 2 shortcuts will let you jump to a later part of your adventure. This is a lifesaver when you need it the most but it comes at a cost. Terra (Mama Tunnel) , an NPC, will ask for some resources in order to get the shortcuts working. In this Spelunky 2 guide we will tell you what those resources are.


How to Open Shortcuts in Spelunky 2


As mentioned, you have to meet Terra who will appear at the end of 1-4. You have to play normally until you meet her and then she will ask for some supplies. That’s how she will make the Spelunky 2 Shortcuts for you.

Gather the resources and help Mama Tunnel. Doing this will unlock those shortcuts which is a crucial feature that will save your time and most importantly, your hard work.

Here are all the items that you need to bring to Mama Tunnel.

Level 1-4 shortcut requirement:


  • A donation of $2000
  • One bomb
  • Another donation of $10,000

Level 3-1 shortcut requirement:

  • A donation of 1 Rope
  • You can donate any weapon
  • Lastly, you need to donate any Mount

Level 5-1 shortcut requirement:

  • Donate $50,000
  • Also donate a Hired Hand
  • And you need to give the World 1 Golden Key


We hope this will help you out. Now go ahead and find those shortcuts! While you are here, don’t miss our guide on how to play multiplayer with friends in Spelunky 2 easily. In that article, we have explained how to play local multiplayer and online multiplayer and have fun playing with friends.