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How To Quickly Disable Auto Run In Spelunky 2

You can disable auto run in Spellunky 2 by going to the Options menu. You will get all movement controls to disable auto run in Spellunky 2

If you disable auto run in Spelunky 2, it will revert back to the original game style’s control where you will need to hold down a button to sprint. If that’s what you’re looking for then this guide is going to change your life.


How To Disable Auto Run In Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 has made a few changes over the first one and each and every change is amazing, but a lot of players are now used to the first game’s mechanism where you had to hold down a button in order to sprint.

This though gives players even more control over where they want to sprint and where they do not, and in a crazy, over the top adventure like Spelunky 2, we understand why some players might want to disable auto run.

Luckily, disabling the feature is pretty straight forward and you can do it by simply going over to the Options menu. From there you will need to find the Controls option and scroll down until you find the Movement Default settings.

Here you can change the default action from running to walking to give you more control over your movement where you can practically control how fast you move.

If you still wish to run in Spellunky 2, you can do it by pressing and holding down the designated button in your controller map.


This movement control will offer you more options and you probably won’t run into traps as often. Having control over your speed is essential and while auto run works for some people it does not for others.

By changing this one setting and trying out both options we could for ourselves see the difference it makes, but having to hold down the run button for far too long also seemed to be a bit too much at times.

This is all there is to know about how to disable auto run in Spellunky 2. Make sure that you check out this wonderful article about How To Play Online Multiplayer With Friends In Spelunky 2