How To Ride Turkey In Spelunky 2?

Turkey's are easily scared, they will run away if you try to catch them. Want to know how to ride them?

Riding Turkey’s in Spelunky 2 will offer you great speed and double jump feature, having a tamed Turkey is great but taming it can be difficult. If you’re wondering about how to ride a Turkey in Spelunky 2 then you’ve come to the right place.

How To Ride Turkey In Spelunky 2

Before you start chasing Turkey’s in Spelunky 2, you have to know that there’s a bit of danger associated with them. Turkey’s will easily be frightened and can land both you and itself in trouble.
To ride a Turkey, you will need to jump on it while holding the jump button in Spelunky 2, this will make the Turkey freak out and run left and right without care. This can be risky as it will run straight into traps and pikes killing both of you at the same time.

So, before you jump on to a Turkey in Spelunky 2, make sure that there’s safe space around and it has room to freak out without both of you getting injured.

Once Turkey has finished freaking out, it will calm down and you will be able to see pink hearts float by Turkey, this notifies that Turkey has been tamed and now you can use it as a means of transportation.

Turkey’s are great as they offer up great speed, attack, and twice the amount of jump than you’d normally get otherwise. Turkey’s are also helpful if you have to glide down and fall great distances without injuring either of you.

Turkey’s are also a cheaper alternative to purchasing cape in Spelunky 2 and if you’re budget-constrained, then you should probably jump onto a Turkey asap.

You can even leave Turkey if you want to use bombs or rope in the game, this also applies to reach further distances where you can jump off Turkey and reach a bit further.

Turkey’s have their melee attack too but you won’t be able to use any weapons and whatever you have in your hand will be thrown if you press the attack button.

How To Unlock Yang’s Secret Room In Spelunky 2

Yang is an NPC that you will encounter, if you want to gain access to Yang’s secret room filled with treasure then you will need to bring him as many Turkey’s as he’s asking for and once it is completed you will get access to his room full of treasure.

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