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Spelunky 2 Beginners Guide – How to Survive Challenges

Best Strategy guide to play Spelunky 2? If you know these things you can survive for longer.

Spelunky 2 is a game for next-generation explorers. Based on its predecessor roguelike platformer game, Spelunky 2 takes players on the Moon. Lookout for lost family or treasure its your call. The game is built on a unique randomized challenge mechanism. Up to 4 players locally join you and you can also play with other online players. If you are having any confusion regarding Spelunky 2 then this guide will help you. I am going to add a lot of beginner tips, strategies, and things you must remember before playing Spelunky 2.


With exploration, you can do more in Spelunky 2. Like taming and riding animals, locating traps, finding treasures, exploring new regions, etc. There is more to adventure and exploration.

Spelunky 2 Survival Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The guides begin with the static features of Spelunky 2. Things that won’t change you are will be facing throughout the game. If you remember this it will make your journey easy.

1. Be ready to die

Some things are going to remain static in Spelunky 2. Like you will die often, so be ready for this. Do not get depressed on getting killed, it is a part of this game. Sometime you will have to die on purpose to begin again. There are traps, hidden enemies, etc. Your character will loose health fast if you stumble upon them. But as you begin again from the last checkpoint you know what to do. Spelunky 2 has such unexpected corners throughout the game.

2. Learn Enemies, Items Behavior


Spelunky 2 has different items and enemies. You will be interacting with them regularly. Some items have common properties, for example, they explode on interacting. If you will have to learn this behavior. It will allow you to avoid issues in further levels, the same goes for enemies. A lot of things relied on your right judgment. For example, placing explosive on spots that do not blow you up.

3. Keep your Inventory Full

You can carry traps with you in Spelunky 2. In the same way, you can carry a lot of useful items while exploring the game. You must keep your inventory always full. Because there will be a ton of enemies moving around. When attacked be ready to throw traps to confront them. Also gather items after defeating enemies. This will be a common thing to do in Spelunky 2.

4. Get a Pet

You will have the choice to use two pets in the game. You going to use them a lot in Spelunky 2. Turkey is one of the pet that will help you to travel distances. Taming them is a task but do not worry. Just grab them and ride around. Guard your pet, keep them alive till the end of the levels. They can heal you and help you to survive longer in Spelunky 2.


5. How to unlock Fast Travel?

After progressing to a certain level you will meet a character who can help you to build shortcuts. Shortcuts are like Fast Travel points in the game. The character will allow you to build these shortcuts you can use to travel between different regions. Shortcuts are important to focus one, it will allow you to skip a lot of space and start a new run.

6. Watchout for Traps

Enemies can trigger traps, it is best to use this against them. For example, if you see a Caveman direct the enemy towards Dart Trap. You can use traps against the enemies and save your time and health. You will have to learn about their behavior and use it against them. Some traps disguise as treasures and items. They can contain snake and cobras. It is best to be alert here, not all treasure chest has treasures in them.

7. Stay away from the Gold Idol

If you had just started it is best to stay away from the Gold Idol in Spelunky 2. Level up, get enough items, and then approach the statue. You will have to learn this game properly and strong enough to deal with all types of enemies. You must be able to use traps and must know about different inventory items. Then only it is worth going after the Gold Idol.

8. Stun Enemies with Bomb

The bomb is a highly useful item in Spelunky. It is best to stun large enemies and destroy traps. Always carry enough of them with you. It will reduce your time of battle with big enemies. Bombs clear up most of the surface clearing traps, spikes, enemies, etc. Do not use explosives if not required. Because you may blow yourself, the safest way to use is to descent them away from you. Avoid using them in lava or water also. It can either damage you and close your exit. You can buy bombs from Shopkeeper in Spelunky 2.

9. Get a Hired Hand

Hired Hand are found in coffins in Spelunky 2. You can use this feature to get some help in the game. Hire Hand dispatch small enemies who gather treasure for you. They will also follow you for some time. Hired Hand is best to use when you spot treasure in a remote spot. The problem with using them is that they do not avoid traps. They can trigger traps and put in danger, so be alert while using it.

10. Grab a Jetpack

Jetpack gives you more range to cover compared to ropes. It is a tool that can help you to go around and explore faster. As soon as you get a chance unlock the Jetpack first in Spelunky 2. You will not be getting this at the very start of the game. You will be using ropes to move and they are limited. Jetpack will let you fly over lava or traps. You can also use it to grab treasure chest.

All above Spelunky 2 tips are best for beginners. This will let you learn about the game mechanism and do things which are the most required.