How to Find Vampire Castle in Spelunky 2

Here's a quick guide on how to discover the Vampire Castle in Spelunky 2.

There is no denying of the fact that Spelunky 2 has plenty of hidden areas to unlock but some of then are quite difficult to find. One of them is Vampire Castle. There are thousands of people who are struggling to make their ways to Vampire Castle. And if you are one of them then our guide on how to discover the Vamipie Castile in Spelunky 2 will will surely help you.

How to Find the Vampire Castle in Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 Vampire castle guide

In order to get to Vamipre Castle in Spelunky 2, you will have to go to Vocana area first and activate the Drill, that you will find there. Volcana is the zona that can only be accessed after clearing level 1-4, and is filled with lava and flame traps.

It has a huge Drill, that can be seen from level 2-2, which you can activate with the help of Udjat Eye on a nearby panel, and makes a way to a secret area entrance that is normally not allowed to access.

Once you have reached to Volcana, go to the upper middle section of the map and search for the giant Drill. After finding the activation panel on one of its sides – denoted by an elevated purple block – communicate with it by pressing R1. This wil help to activate the Udjat Eye, and open up a path downward, which you can take by climbing a chain connected to the Drill’s base.

Climb down it, and then look for the sides of the Drill. You will have to find a red stone doorway, which will directly take you to the Vampire Castle. What Vamipte Castsle in Spelunky 2 has in store for you? You will have to discover them.

As you are given the Cape item from any Vampires you kill, you can also swipe the Crown from the throne room. When you have it in your inventory, it will let you get the Excalibur sword from the Tide Pool region, allowing  you to access other secret areas and granting you a one-hit kill weapon.

Likewise, you can kill Castle’s ruler, Vlad to get his special Cape, allowing you to double jump without the aid of a Mount. It is to be noted that he can not be defeated easily, so make sure to free some of the Hires Hands sprea throughout the level to soften him up before you encounter him.

That’s all you need to know about how to discover Vampire Castle in Spelunky 2. While you are here, be sure to check out our other Spelunky 2 Guides, features, tips and tricks articles.