Spelunky 2: How To Kill The Shopkeeper

Don't let the shopkeeper kill you, kill him instead.

Spelunky 2 has several NPCs that either task players to complete specific tasks and then reward them for doing so. One of the NPCs that players would find in the challenging caves of Spelunky 2 is shopkeepers. The Shopkeeper sells weapons and other useful items that can help gamers to traverse easily through all the levels in Spelunky 2. Now, similar to the two sides of a coin, there are two exactly opposite ways to get these useful items. There is one way where players can purchase the items with gold, and then there is the other way to kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 and then just take all his belongings.

If you don’t have enough gold or don’t want to spend it on purchasing from the shopkeeper, you will need a few tips and tricks to be able to kill him. This guide will walk you through how to kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2: How to Kill the Shopkeeper

Shopkeepers are not aggressive at the beginning, but if they find you stealing something or trying to harm them, they can quickly turn into one of the most dangerous enemies in Spelunky 2. They can be really quick and on top of that, they also have the weapons to kill you.

To easily kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 without getting defeated, focus on your first step. You can either use yours or his own weapons to kill him. However, it is advisable to take his weapons. That’s because you can easily get hold of his weapons while acting as a customer. Once you have the weapon, attack him with that to kill him.

You can also use your weapons if you have any, but that can be too great a risk to take. If you get killed by the shopkeeper, you will lose all your progress in the level and have to start from the beginning.

Another thing to try is to create chaos. If the shopkeeper is being attacked by someone or something else, he won’t be aggressive at you. That’s when you can use the element of surprise and kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2.

Now you know how to kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2. All that’s left to do now is find one and take all his weapons for free. You can also get and use bombs by killing the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2. This will help you easily beat Spelunky 2 in less time.