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Spelunky 2: How To Get Money Fast

Quickly and easily fill your bags in Spleunky 2.

Money or any other in-game currency is one of the most important resources to have to progress seamlessly in a game. The same is true for Spelunky 2 as well. Money allows you to buy bombs, ropes, weapons, and other useful items through shopkeepers or in-game purchases. Luckily there are several ways to get money in Spelunky 2. Having a knowledge of all these potential ways will help players to never run out on resource for no matter what usage they want it. Follow this guide to know how to get money fast in Spelunky 2 in different ways.

What are the Different Ways to Get Money in Spelunky 2


Steal Idols

While playing Spelunky 2, players can find several gold idols, which they can steal and keep with themselves. They can then sell these idols to shopkeepers or take it to the level exit to yield a huge sum of money in Spelunky 2.

Turkey Lords


In the first biome, you will sometimes see some Turkey Lords who have lost their Turkeys. If you find and bring back their Turkeys, they will give you a key to a treasure room. Here, you can find a decent amount of money in Spelunky 2.

The Gold Pooping Monkey

You can use Kali’s Sacrificial Altar to sacrifice stunned enemies and get rewards in return. When you sacrifice a caveman and a golden statue head to the Altar, you will be rewarded with a gold pooping money. This money will simply follow you and pop gold at regular interval of time. All you need to do is collect the gold when he poops it out.


Get the Eye of Udjat

You can get the Eye of Udjat from the Dwelling zone. You will get it by using the golden key to unlock the chest that has it locked. Once you unlock the Udjat Eye, you can simply view all the money and gold scattered throughout the level. This is one of the safest ways to earn money in Spelunky 2.

The Pot O’Gold

When you find a leprechaun, defeat it to get a 4-leaf clover. This clover can help you get up to 10,000 money in Spelunky 2. When you get the clover, find a rainbow throughout the level. Once the rainbow is found, use bomb wisely or dig beneath it to get the chest and break it to get the money.


Ghosting Method

When you find vases with a print of ghost face on it, break it to get instant 5,000 money. This will also spawn a ghost. When a ghost is spawned it is difficult to defeat him. But there’s an advantage as well. When a ghost flies by any gold throughout the level, it is turned into a diamond. Wait until all the gold is turned into diamond and then escape from the ghost to get tons of money easily in Spelunky 2.

Get to the City of Gold

The City of Gold is also a sort of level in the game. Everything in this city is made up of gold. You can collect and sell anything in this city to earn money in Spelunky 2.

Those were all the ways through which you can get money in Speluky 2. There is an alternative way to get bombs, ropes, and weapons if you don’t want to get gold in the game, which is by killing the shopkeeper. But this method is a lot trickier. Hence, it is advisable to read about how to kill the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2 before approaching this idea.