Spelunky 2: How To Use Kali’s Sacrificial Altars

Sacrifice something to get something more useful.

Spelunky 2 is a fun game to play with numerous fun elements that give players some sort of reward or benefit while playing the game. One such unique element is Kali’s Sacrificial Altars. Kali’s Sacrificial Altars are skeleton-designed boxes under the feet of Goddess Kali. When you sacrifice someone on the Altar, she gives you a reward for the sacrifices you made. This guide will walk you through how you can sacrifice and use Kali’s Sacrificial Altars in Spelunky 2. It will also mention whom all you can sacrifice on the Altar.

How to Use Kali’s Sacrificial Altars in Spelunky 2

Like all the other elements in the game, even Kali’s Sacrificial Altars are spawned randomly. But there are high chances that you will be able to easily locate at least two during each level in the game. There are also a few tricks that can help you determine when they are available in a level. For instance, a high number of stunnable enemies or human enemies around in the game is an indicator of Kali’s Sacrificial Altar being somewhere nearby.

When you locate an Altar, all you have to do is to stun an enemy, grab him and put him on the Altar. This will complete the sacrifice and your chances of getting a reward will begin. The reward that you get from Kali’s Sacrificial Altar is random. You can also get a Kapala as a reward if you are able to make enough sacrifices. Kapala is one of the most useful items in Spelunky 2. You can use it to get a heart and more XP how many ever times you want in Spelunky 2.

Whom Can You Sacrifice in Altar?

You can sacrifice anyone and any pet that is stunned in Altar. Living animals and enemies are great to sacrifice in Altar. A stunning pet, however, can be the most useful one to sacrifice in the Altar. Two rescued pets can get you, Kapala.

Before planning to sacrifice allies or pets in Altar, it is necessary to know that if any NPC who cares for them spots you making their sacrifice they will be outraged at you. Hence, it is important to make a sacrifice only at the time when no NPC is watching you. In fact, it is best to not sacrifice your pets, instead of sacrifice a few more stunned enemies to get the Kapala.

That’s all we have to tell you about how to use Kali’s Sacrificial Altar in Spelunky 2. If you wish to sacrifice some other pet and not the one that you are currently playing with, you can simply change your pet in Spelunky 2.