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How to Unlock The Kapala & What It Does In Spelunky 2

Here's a complete guide on how to obtain the Kapala in Spelunky 2.

There are numerous items in Spelunky 2 to discover or buy but only a few items that are more valuable than the skull chalice, which is known as the Kapala. If you have played Spelunky 2 too much, you must know how important is to get the Kapala in Spelunky 2.


Having the Kapala in Spelunky 2 has its own importance but there are thousands of people still don’t know how to unlock it in Spelunky 2. That’s the reason why we have created a guide on how to unlock the Kapala and what it does in the game.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide:

How to Get the Kapala and What it Does in Spelunky 2

There is only one way to unlock the Kapala in Spelunky 2 and it requires to make a huge number of sacrifices at Kali’s Sacrificial Altars. If you managed to bring half a dozen living sacrifices or even a dozen dead sacrifices to the Altars, you will make your way through the game.

In order to earn the Kapala, you will have to make sacrifices to the Kali Altar:

  • Living animals/enemies are worth more. They must be in a stunned (yellow stars) state to sacrifice.
  • A stunned animal buddy (the animals you rescue for +1 HP) is worth the most. Two sacrificed living animals will get the Kapala.


It is to be noted that you can only sacrifice Heopers, Shopkeepers, or enemies that leave a body behind. What all you need to do is to dump the body on the alter. Animal are considered the best sacrifices. Sometimes you can earn Kalapa by just making sacrificing two animals.

How to Collect Blood With the Kapala

If you don’t know what Kapala does in Spelunky 2 then keep reading this guide. For the uninitiated, The Kapala is one of the most valuable weapons in the game. Whenever you kill an enemy, you will get the chance to accumulate the blood droplets that burst out of them.

In order to fill the Kapala, you will have to collect blood droplets before they gone. Notably, you can collect blood from any source and you can fill the Kapala by using your own blood as well.

Once you are done collectiong eight droplets, the Kapala will empty and you will get a heart. The entire process can be repeated as many times as you want.


That’s all you need to know about how to get Kapala and what it does in Spelunky 2. While you are here, check out our Spelunky 2 Wiki guide which has all the tips, tricks, hidden secrets, hints and unlocks that you can use.